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What does “statement earrings” actually mean and how to wear them.  A simple guide to help you.

Statement Earrings By Varily Jewelry

At Varily we often talk about Statement Earrings, have you ever wondered what it means? What makes a pair of earrings a statement?

To put it in a simple way, if the first thing people notice when looking at you are your earrings, they are a statement! Statement jewelry has the power to draw positive attention and compliment a look, making you stand out. 
There are different elements that can make a pair of earrings into a statement, we can group them in 3 categories: colour, shape and volume.

Statement Earrings by Varily Jewelry

Colour - being it a bold and bright hue, or a deep vibrant stone, a strong colour easily makes a statement to your ears. 
Shape - either an intricate pattern, or a minimalist form, shape itself can draw all of the attention to your earrings. 
Volume - the bigger the better, a large size earrings makes a statement on its own. There is no limit on how big you can go with statement earrings, oversized pieces are sure to become the focal point of your outfit.

Now that we have defined what Statement Earrings are, let’s talk about how to best match them with your outfit to get right in the spotlight.
The point of wearing statement earrings, for definition, is to draw attention. They act like make-up bringing light to your face.

There is no limit to creativity when wearing statement jewelry, here are a few simple tips to learn how to turn your earrings into the focal point and look curated and tasteful.

1 - Simple outfit made sophisticated - a nice pair of earrings can turn a super simple outfit into a sophisticated look, Try them to lighten up a jeans and t-shirt attire, especially if you add some heels to complete the look.

2- Hair up or down - you can wear your hair up to give full room to the earrings, or have your hair down for a more sensual vibe. Statement earrings will add precious detail either way. Keep you hair style simple, so to leave the scene to your jewelry

3- Contrasting colour or tone on tone - When wearing bold earrings either go for a very contrasting colour, or try to match the outfit you are wearing the best you can. In doubt neutrals are always a good choice!

5- Other accessories should be minimal - let your earrings be the protagonists. If you want to wear other accessories go for minimal and simple designs. You can wear a simple chain without pendants as a necklace, or a stack or simple shiny silver rings. In this case, less is more!

6- Go for a monochromatic outfit - full black or full white work best for this tip. Your statement earrings will really stick out, giving you a trendy and stylish look, while very effortless to out together.

In conclusion, Statement earrings are the opposite of subtle. They are bold pieces that draw attention for either their colour, shape or volume. A great accessory to pump up a simple attire and serve you as make-up, bringing light to your face. When choosing your statement earrings keep in mind your personal palette, and don’t go afraid to wear them on different occasions, from a shopping afternoon to a fancy NYE party. Statement earrings are an effortless way to stick out and look unique.


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