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A colourful gift guide where you can find 10 perfect gift ideas for that friend that is obsessed with colour.


It’s so fun to explore colour analysis and find your perfect hues! With this guide you’d be able to give a special handmade piece to that friend that is so into colour! From multicoloured rainbow pieces, to customisable items...find the perfect gift to shop for the holiday season! 


1- Optical long necklaces 

An array of colour, handpicked to match a bright, pastel or mid tone palette. This gorgeous geometric necklace comes in long opera style, and an adjustable matinee’ design. Inspired by optical illusions, it is the perfect gift for a stylist and modern lover of colour!


2 - Lace Bangles 

Lace Bangles by Varily Jewelry
Big, funky and bright..what’s not to love about the Lace bangles?
Their geometric vibe is enhanced by beautiful vibrant colour gradients achieved by hand through a special hand dipping technique. From fuchsia and teal, to rose and coral, there is an option for everyone between the 10 colour variants! And the size fits all too, these strong bangles are so flexible they adjustable to every wrist and fastens through a sleek Sterling Silver magnetic clasp.

3 - Vertigo Cocktail Rings 

Who said that rainbow rings have to be kitsch? These architectural cocktail rings mimic the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence, making it a super gift for Architect and math lovers with a soft spot for colour. These funky rings are individually hand dyed using Varily’s special dipping technique to achieve wonderful color shade and gradients. Available in 3 designs and a wide range of colour combinations, these rings are a perfect gift for the fashionable lover of bold and pop colours in your life!

4- Interchangeable Two Ways Earrings

Why choose when you can have two? These clever interchangeable earrings come in a set with two colour options you can mix and match, even wear them together! To perfectly match your outfit and your jewellery, pick the colour that best illuminates your face. There are two designs and 10 colour options to pick from, and the opportunity to add more by purchasing the single colours refill. Make a colour lover happy with these playful and stylish earrings!


5- Design your own Necklace


Design Your Own NecklaceDahlia necklace by Varily JelweryVertigo Red 3 Element Necklace by Varily Jewelry
The next level customisable necklace for colour lovers! You can design your necklace by yourself however you’d like it. Pick one of the 3 designs, from a princess collar, to a sleek pendant or a geometric statement necklace. Then find your favourite hue between 25 delicious colour options. Your piece will be hand-dyed especially for you. Gifting a customised item is such a unique idea! You can even purchase a gift voucher and let the lucky receiver design their own piece.

6- Design your own Earrings


A unique and feminine gift you can design especially for the lover of colour in your life. Find their favourite hue in the 25 options offered. Pick the earrings design that best represent their style, you have a choice of studs, statement or medium length drops. These bespoke hand dyed pieces will make a truly personalised gift that will spark joy in the receiver. 

- Fluorite Amulet


Enjoy the colour of Nature in this unique Fluorite crystal amulet. Natural crystals can achieve all sorts of beautiful and vibrant colours, we particularly like this one for its duo-tone of green and purple. A keepsake to give, with a special meaning and symbolism. Your colourful friend will appreciate this special gift and wear it close to their heart.

8 - Fuxia Earrings


Fuchsia Earrings by Varily JewelryFuchsia Earrings Pink Yellow by Varily JewelryFuchsia Earrings by Varily Jewelry
For that fashionable and bold friend, with a romantic and chic soul. The Fuxia earrings were designed to accomplish even the most stylish of women, adding colour, movement and charm to their ears. Inspired by fuchsia flowers, these dangles feature a two part bud that combines vibrant and bold colour. With sterling silver finding, they are perfect for everyone to wear.

9 - Rainforest Necklace


 Rainforest Necklace Red Purple By Varily JewelryJungle Rainforest Necklace by Varily JewelryRainforest Necklace by Varily Jewelry
Bold and exotic, these statement necklaces come in 3 colour palettes inspired by tropical flowers and carnivorous plants. With its reversible design and adjustable length, this necklace is a perfect gift for your trendy friend that loves to look unique and creative.

10 - Optical pin brooch to mix & match

Optical Pin Brooches by Varily Jewelry

A joy for the eye, this sleek and modern pin brooch is inspired by optical illusion and comes in 10 colour options. They are particularly fun to combine in different hues together, to create an exclusive palette. You can make a rainbow to illuminate your blazer, or even use them as a unique hair accessory. A creative and affordable handmade idea for the gifting season.
















It is always a bit hard to find the perfect exclusive and funky gift for someone that truly loves colour and is into fashion. In this guide you found 10 beautiful ideas of pieces from Varily, which are all hand dyed with love. Your gifting experience is sure to spark joy and surprise your loved ones, when you’ll present our curated and original gift box with their special jewel inside.   



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