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Beautiful travel and lifestyle passionate, Elisa planned a photo shoot immerse in the lavender fields of French Provence and I had the pleasure to customise some pieces for this magical event!  Here are the stunning results of her trip.

We absolutely love the mood and colours in these photos! They match perfectly with Elisa's new earrings, necklace and ring we made for her!

Varily Jewelry modelled by Elsia Chisan Oshi in the lavender fields

Lavender promotes calm and release anxiety, beside looking and smelling fabulous!

Paris inspired Parisienne rings couldn't be in a more appropriate environment! The rose' and lilac gradient perfectly complement the indigo purple lavender, and the rose gold leaf gives it an extra touch of preciousness.

Find yours here

A super special edition of the 3 element Vertigo necklace, with a combination of three pastel and bright hues, aqua, purple and fuchsia. The architectural design makes it edgy yet playful and cheerful!

This is such a special piece that can only be made to order, but the continuous line of these necklaces are here.

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This very beautiful collaboration brewed some ideas and inspired a very special design for a one of a kind silver drop earrings...


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