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Colours can affect your mood and mental state. Surround yourself with the right colours to improve your state of mind and physical response to outer stimuli.

Meaning of Colour Yellow

Yellow is the colour of Happiness, associated with Optimism, Confidence and Self Esteem.

Yellow jewelry gives you a bold and creative look, it can help you enlighten an everyday outfit and make a statement of style on a special occasion.

Yellow Jewels by Varily Jewelry


Yellow comes in a variety of shades, from lemon to citrus, to deep mustard shades. Different shades will recall different styles and evoke different seasons.

In Varily's collections you find two yellow shades: a cold Lemon Yellow and a warm Citrus Yellow.



Lemon Yellow accessories can evoke a sense of playfulness, creativity and freshness. This colour works best for cold skin tone. We love how well cold colours work in the warm season, so we collected some pieces for your spring/summer style inspiration:



Citrus is a warm shade of yellow. Because of its under and middle tones, this shade of yellow works well with basically any skin tone. It is comforting, yet inspiring.

For a retro’ look match it with mid-tones, such as teal or plum.


Leaf Earrings in Citrus Yellow by Varily JewelryLace Bangle in Citrus Yellow and Teal by Varily JewelryRound Ring Plum and Citrus by Varily Jewelry



Yellow is the most visible colour in daylight, it is the colour of Happiness and in Japan is associated with courage.




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