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Aqua (or turquoise) is a combination of relaxing blue and calming green. It is an inspiring colour, associated with recharging the spirit, replenishing energy levels, and provoking positive thought. Turquoise is at once introspective and outwardly expressive, suggesting creativity and self-expression.

I particularly love the darker version of this hue, which is an intense dark teal tint.

Colour Filter Photography On Model Wearing Teal And Aqua Jewelry By Varily Jewelry

Due to their incredible versatility, these two colours are both featured in my Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter 2019/20 collections.

Aqua, teal and petrol.. analogue hues for striking romance!

Some funky Aqua and Teal colour combination, for a powerful and energetic mood!

Ph. Alesia Moroni Nawezi Photography

MUA: MakeupbyHaroz

Model: Romy Kosterman

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