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A guide on how to choose earrings for your face shape.

A comprehensive guide on how to match your earring style to your face type.
Have you ever wondered why some earrings just look perfect on you, while other styles may not do the magic?
Choosing the earrings that work best for you could be much easier if you take in consideration your face shape and bone structure. While some earrings work well on anyone, and some face shapes are just a lot easier to accessorise, keeping in mind few smart tricks will help you look beautiful in your new jewelry and make the decision process a lot quicker while shopping.
Here is a simple guide on how to recognize your face shape and find the earrings that will best compliment your features.
different type of face shape such as round oval heart square and oblong face shape and the best earrings to go with them
You have a round face shape if the wider point of your face is between your cheeks and it doesn't taper around your chin. With a round face shape you want to avoid earrings that will make your face wider (like hoops for example), instead you can opt for designs that elongate your bone structure and give a visual sense of length.
The best earrings for this face type are longer length designs, and teardrop earrings.
Teardrops are characterised by long length and an element at the bottom, just like Varily's dangle & studs, they feature a fine silver chain with a drop of amethyst at the end.
The Interchangeable earrings are a versatile version of teardrop earrings that allow you to choose a different color anytime you want, making them super easy to match with your outfit.
Long earrings are also a great choice for round face shape. The Optical cubes are a modern take to long wired earrings, with a geometric bead at the end.
You have an oval face shape if your face is a little bit longer than it is wide. If you have an oval face shape you are very lucky, because you look great in any type of earrings!
You can choose within a huge variety of models, shapes and colors!
With this bone structure you can choose between studs, long earrings, small dangles, statement earrings.. really anything! Here are few suggestions we found perfect for oval face shapes:
Dahlia studs, these cute flowers are a little bigger than usual studs and really give a nice romantic spring look.
You can indulge in precious silver and rose quartz petal drops, these dangles are very elegant and chic!
The Optical Sphere earrings are a great choice for oval shape face, their geometric bead add a touch of colour to your outfit.
You have a square face shape if you have angular feature, your jawline is almost as wide as your cheeks. While choosing earrings for square face shape you want to soften your lines, making your bone structure look a little more rounder. Hoops and round earrings are the best choice for square face, while geometric angular design are usually best avoided.
Hoops are the best earrings to soften the straight lines of your face type, at Varily we think these styles make square face shapes look lovely:
The Dahlia hoops are a mid size mandala inspired floral hoop, you are sure to find your favorite within 10 colour choices.
If you want to achieve a bold and daring look these oversize statement hoops are perfect for you!
For your everyday look go for a smaller size hoops that are yet colorful and versatile, but still being unique and extravagant.
You have an elongated (or rectangular) face shape if your face is a lot longer that it is wide.
With a rectangular face shape you want to find earrings that can compensate the length of your face. The best earrings for elongated face shape are oblong designs, longer lengths and round shapes.
With this face structure you should choose earrings with added length or round-like design.
Go for these geometric extra-long earrings for a modern and trendy style, they also come in a shorter version which are equally flattering for elongated face shape.
The Leaf earrings are also a great choice for long face shape, their organic and curvy lines compliment best your feature, they also come in a statement XL size for a bold and exotic look.
You have a heart face shape if your forehead and cheeks are the wider part of your face, but it tapers around your chin. Diamond face shapes are also similar to heart shape, but in diamond shape the forehead is narrower than the cheekbones. If you have heart or diamond face shape the best earrings for you are chandeliers, multi-coloured or long earrings.
Chandelier, multi-coloured and long earrings are great choices for your face type.
The fuxia earrings are a great example of chandelier earrings with two tones flower and silver chains, they move beautifully on your ears.
If you are after a statement go for the Leaf XL oversize earrings, their organic form and gradient colour work perfect with heart or diamond face shape.
For a simple and easy everyday pop of colour you could wear the Long Pentagon earrings, a long and minimal shape that comes in 10 color choices.
In conclusion, earrings are a great way to dress up your outfit and add colour to your daily style. While choosing earrings may be worth to pay attention to your face shape to best compliment it. Most face shapes can be categorised under 5 types and can be easily identified. Knowing what earrings work best with your face shape may make your shopping experience easier and help you feel at you full potential while wearing unique handmade earrings!
The artwork in this post is a collaboration with Aldo Sacchetti, a very talented young Italian fashion illustrator, you can find more of his work here.

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