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Discover the beautiful flowers and mesmerising leaves that inspired 
many of Varily’s most iconic jewelry.

As summer is approaching many of us find relief and inspiration in the blooming flowers and bright green of the new leaves. In Nature, often things appear alluring and attractive, but it is only after a second look that one feels repulsive, disgusted, terrified.​
In different cases, it is only after a second look that disturbing things reveal their appealing essence. Many of those examples can be found in botanicals and insects: butterflies with their glamorous wings but horrifying heads or creepy caterpillars with painted looking skin.
Many of Varily’s most iconic pieces were inspired by flowers and leaves. In some pieces the correlation is obvious, for others the design process took the piece to a more abstract end.
In this post I will guide you through the Nature Inspired pieces and show you the beautiful flowers and plants that influenced them.


The fuchsia is a tropical plant originally discovered in the Dominican Republic. Fuchsia blooms are often referred to as ‘ballerina flowers’ for their colorful and dynamic shapes.

The Fuxia Earrings were inspired by these gorgeous blossoms, they are available in pink and purple, the original colours of the plant, and in a variety of other options to make them contemporary and sleek.

Fuchsia Earrings and Flowers


Dahlias are tuberous, perennial plants native to Mexico and Central America.  These wild flowers were first cultivated by the Aztecs who associated them with the sun gods.

There are more than 40 species of Dahlias, they come in many vibrant colours, from white to yellow, red, burgundy and pink.

 The opulence of these elegant flowers inspired Varily’s entire capsule collection, including a brooch design, hoop stud earrings, bracelets and a necklace.

Dahlia Brooch and Flower Ispiration




Characterised by colourful petals and extravagant flowers, the orchids are the inspiration behind our extra large statement earrings, the Leaf XL.

The geometric cut-out resembles the petal patterns, and the bold gradients give them an exotic look. Lovers of Orchids will enjoy receiving these earrings as a gift that never perishes.

Orchid Inspired Earrings by Varily Jewelry



Monstera Leaves

A tropical evergreen, the Monstera plant has inspired many fashion and design trends in recent years. The large leaves’ design inspired the geometric pattern on the Rainforest Necklace, a reversible piece with bold coloration.

This necklace has an exotic and tropical vibe, coming in three colour variations: Jungle (green, yellow and blue), Sunrise (orange yellow and pink) and Sunset (red, purple and black).

Monstera Inspired Tropical Necklace



Tropical flowers

Spiky leaves, pointy flowers, bright colours and eclectic forms.. Tropical flowers are an endless source of inspiration. The Hoop XL earrings are a statement that combines all of these elements, to a funky and elegant piece of jewellery. 

Hoops XL Earrings on Model by Varily Jewelry



Carnivorous Flowers

Carnivorous plants, such as Pitcher plant or Monkey cup, attract their victims with vibrant colours and inebriating smells. Their fascinating shapes inspired the bold form of the Rainforest Pendant, a vessel charm, with a bold colour gradient. This necklace will add a wild jungle vibe to your outfit.

Pendant Inspired by Carnivorous Plants


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