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What is metal allergy and how to choose jewellery that won’t cause you a rash.

There are different types of metal allergy and intolerance. Have you noticed that sometimes the cheap mass produced earrings can give you sore earlobes? Or the belt on your jeans can cause a little rash? Even the gold necklace that is family heirloom can make you itchy sometimes?
Here is why.

Nickel Allergy

The most common type of metal allergy is nickel. Since most of the metal used for jewellery making is an alloy* there is a chance you could find small amounts of nickel even in your 18k gold piece.
The key here is to purchase strictly nickel free items.
All of our silver pieces are made of pure sterling silver alloy, that is 100% nickel free.
You can rest assured the earrings, rings and necklace clasps will not irritate your skin. 

Hypo-allergenic Metal Piece

Smokey Quartz Dangle & Silver Stud Earrings 2 in 1 Vertigo MiniVertigo Mini Classic PendantCuff Bracelet Vertigo MiniAmetrine Choker Necklace By Varily JewelryVeretta Infinity Ring Vertigo Mini
Sweat and Oxidisation

Some people can have a skin reaction even when wearing metals that do not contain nickel. Sometimes this can be caused by the acidity, medicine or hormones in your skin, or from patina and oxidation of the piece. If you have this issue we have designed a few pieces mainly made of nylon, that only feature a small sterling silver bead to close them. Because they are made mostly of nylon plastic, they are safe to use for allergic subjects.

Pieces Made Mostly of Nylon - With Small Metal Parts

Optical Bracelet By Varily JewelryVertigo 3 Element Necklace by Varily JewelryFive Flower Necklace By Varily JewelryGeometric Bangle Lace By Varily JewelryGeometric Beaded Necklace - OpticalSingle Flower Pendant Dahlia
Flower Bracelet Dahlia By Varily Jewelry

All Metal Allergy

In very rare cases people can be allergic to pure silver or pure copper (the compounds used in sterling silver alloy). These people can’t even wear the purest silver pieces. If this is your case, we got your back. Here is a selection of pieces that are made 100% out of nylon. There is not a single grain of metal in them. Even the dyes and the sealant used for coloring them are hypo-allegenic.

Piece Made of 100% Nylon - With No Metal Parts
Dahlia Chain Bracelet by Varily JewelryLong Beaded Necklace Optical By Varily JewelryVertigo Cocktail Ring By Varily Jewelry

Metal allergy, although not very common, is sure to be annoying. Make sure you always clean your pieces before wearing them, especially earring hooks, to get rid of oxidisation and dirt.

With these few tips you will be able to shop Varily’s hypo-allergenic jewelry with peace of mind.

*Alloy: a combination of different metal in variable proportions


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