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A simple guide on how to keep your nylon jewelry always bright and beautiful.

The arising of additive technology and 3D printing in the recent years became an opportunity for many makers to experiment with unusual materials, often applied to fields and industry completely new and unexpected.

At Varily, I fell in love with Nylon (also known as polyamide), a strong and flexible material which is very resilient and easily withstands daily use. Its best characteristic is that it absorbs pigments and dyes to a vibrant and brilliant colour.
All and each of our nylon pieces have been 3D printed through laser technology (laser sintering), dyed individually by hand and finished with a waterproof and UV proof sealant.

How to Care For 3D Printed Jewelry

Sometimes, due to dust or wear, you may want to refresh your nylon jewelry (just like you polish your silver pieces).
Here is a quick guide on how to restore your jewelry look and keep it always looking new.

1- First rule is to prevent damageNylon jewelry, as well as any other type of accessories, should be the last thing you put on when you get ready, and the first thing you take off when you get cozy in your lounge apparel.

2- Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, hair products, cleaning products, acids, creams and soaps. Again, this is a good rule of thumb also for gold, silver and crystal jewels.

3- Take your jewelry off when you wash your hands before you shower and if you’re going swimming. The pieces are waterproof but if they repeatedly get wet the waterproof layer may run off making them prone to collect dust and dirt.

4- If you find that your pieces are looking a bit dusty or dull, you can soak them in warm soapy water (not boiling)  for about 1 minute and pat them dry with a clean lint free cloth.
Use a gentle neutral soap, especially for lighter coloured pieces.

5- You accidentally got make-up on your pieces. Don’t panic, clean the make-up with make up remover. Use an eye make-up remover, for example, if you accidentally touched your earrings with your mascara wand, next time remember.. jewellery is the last thing to put on once you are fully ready to leave the house.
You can use a small cotton bud to clean the spot, mind that rubbing too hard may remove the layer of waterproof sealant.

If you are handy you could spray your piece with hairspray* making sure you don’t get closer than 20-30cm.

Of course if you are fighting a stubborn stain you can always get in touch and we will be happy to suggest the best solution for your individual case.

*Hairspray will not give you the type of coverage and protection we achieve in our production lab, but it is a common household item that is easy to find in any hair shop.

In conclusion, nylon is a beautiful unusual material to wear in your jewelry, it is ultra-light and can achieve brilliant hues and vibrant colorations. With a few easy steps you can keep your jewellery always looking fresh and new., adding the right pop of colour to your style and outfit.


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