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Learn how to choose earrings if you wear glasses. Picking the perfect earrings to complete your look can be daunting. But it doesn't have to be.
Whether you are after a minimalistic style or daring to wear statement earrings with glasses, here are a few easy tips for you.

We know what it is, we have been there before!
You love all earrings, from simple studs to big statement pieces... but you can't wear contact lenses all the time.
Spectacles are such a part of your look that you can't imagine yourself without them.

Here is a small guide to help you match your glasses with any style of earrings.



The small size and cute design make studs the go-to earrings to match with any eyewear.
Studs are minimal and hug closely to your earlobe, which allows you to seamlessly style them with glasses. 
Vertigo Stud Earrings with Glasses by Varily Jewelry

In these photos Chiara is wearing our Vertigo Mini Silver Studs and plum colour Seed Earrings paired with lovely big gold frame glasses. You can pick a simple silver stud, or something more colourful and eye catchingThere is no going wrong with studs and glasses!

Studs are a great choice of earrings to wear in the office and meet most dress code requirements.
 If you are after a safe choice or are just beginning to experiment with clash philosophy... go for STUDS!




Who doesn't love a good pair of funky, playful, and colourful flowing earrings?
Dangles are smiles for your ears.

 Braving a good pair of dangling earrings with the right glasses enables you to rock a fresh and creative style while avoiding looking cluttered.

One thing to surely put in account when picking your dangling earrings is movement.
Favour earrings with a slight flow that will complement your face without overcrowding.
Fuxia Dungling Earrings with Glasses - Varily Jewelry
Fuxia Dangling Earrings by Varily Jewelry
Avoid big chaotic fringed dangles that could result in a confusing and less curated look.
You want something that swings delicately with your body movements, that is there to enhance your features, not to overcomplicate your look.
Varily's Fuxia dangling earrings are a perfect blend of light yet strong earrings that move beautifully. They look a bit like dancing ballerinas and are just as elegant.



When looking for a statement, bigger and bolder is the way to go!
Experiment with eclectic shapes, bright colours and original designs.
You can match the style of your earrings and pick a colour to complement your frames.
The trick here is just to play with the elements to find the perfect balance.
Here are some example of Hoops XL earrings in bold colours. We think they look great with simple acetate glasses!

 Statement earrings and glasses - Varily Jewelry

When making a statement, remember, the key ingredient is your confidence.

Choose a pair of eye catching earrings that truly make you feel stylish while expressing your personality and creativity in your own unique way.



The easiest and most effective tip for successfully combining earrings and glasses is to match them up by colour or design.

 Have a look at the style and the line of your glasses.
Are they simple metal spectacles? Pair them with delicate flowing chandelier earrings, like our bespoke leaf earrings.
 Do you prefer square edgy acetate eyewear? Pick a pair of bold and geometric drop earrings, or an interesting contemporary design such as long penta xl.
Earring and Glasses Guide by Varily Jewelry
Remember to pick either analogous or complementary colours for a trendy look.

Here is a quick general guide on how to find the best match.



Pairing sunglasses and earrings is very easy.. all types of earrings go well with sunglasses.

It's like magic! But if you are really going for a fierce look, pick a pair of oversize designer earrings in a bold colour. The Leaf XL in blue are perfect for this style.

Combined with sunglasses, bold earrings will make you feel and look extraordinary!

Statement earrings and Glasses - Varily Jewelry


In conclusion, you can look trendy and stylish wearing eye catching earrings with glasses.

Here are the tips to remember:

  • Choose a design that matches your frames, personality and the occasion you are wearing them for (everyday counts too 😉)

  • Match the style, outline and colour of your glasses with the earrings of your choice

  • When making a statement, dare to stand!

  • Sunglasses go with everything, anytime, all the time, ever.. do not even worry about it..just do it!

And remember, the only rule to feel and look beautiful is.. there are no rules!
Follow your instincts, trust your guts and do what gives you joy. Different is always better


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