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Colours can affect your mood and mental state. Surround yourself with the right colours to improve your state of mind and physical response to outer stimuli.

Pink is the colour of love, affection, self care and positive thoughts.

"If cuddles were a colour, they would be pink" as Karen Haller says.

Pink accessories can be fun and playful to spice up your daily urban style, but also make a statement if paired with an edgy contemporary look.

Pink comes in a variety of shades, from pale rose to coral pink, to bold and beautiful magenta and brighter fuchsia hue. Different shades will recall different styles and evoke different seasons.

In Varily's collections you find three pink shades: Rose, Coral and Fuchsia.


Rose accessories can evoke a sense of romance, femininity and softness. This colour works best for pale skin tone. We love how well pastels work in the cold season, so we collected some pieces for your winter style inspiration:


Coral is a peachy warm shade of pink. Because of its under and middle tones, this shade of pink works well with basically any skin tone. It is energetic, yet romantic.

For a vintage look match it with pastels and mid-tones, such as aqua or plum.

  • Try these coral pink big floral hoops for a hippie style.

  • Looking for a more romantic statement?

  • The bangle LACE will do magic for you, (one size fits all), match it with this contemporary cocktail ring to boost your urban chic style.


Fuchsia, or magenta, is a bright and warm point of pink, considered a primary colour in the CMYK system. This is a powerful, bold and feminine hue that, most of all pinks, recall a sense of sensuality and luxury. If you want to express your unique, creative and strong personality, this hot pink is the way to go while choosing your accessory.

  • Paired with black, fuchsia makes a strong and edgy statement, especially mixed with the geometric lines of this adjustable necklace.

  • If you re after a unique urban style, go for these orange and pink oversize earrings!

  • For the true lover of designer jewelry, that always stands out with their extraordinary and exclusive presence, the Bloom series is the perfect mix of romantic, gothic and contemporary!


Pink is a tranquillising colour, that can lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Although originally pink dyes came from a root called Madder, colour pink takes its name from a flower now called Dianthus.

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