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A simple guide on how to choose the best necklace to enhance your neckline.

Matching your favourite top with your favourite necklace can sometimes be daunting, but a few tricks and tips can help you better understand how the right necklace style can make your neck look longer and overall figure slimmer and flatter.


The main things you want to consider are length, volume and style. While some necklines are more forgiving and work well with many different neck pieces, there are few that look their best with only small pendants or fine chains.

To help you match your tops and necklaces we made a comprehensive guide of the 8 most common necklines with a few suggestions of pieces that would make them look stylish and chic.


1- Scoop and Crew Neck

Scoop neck for necklaces

Round necklines, such as scoop and crew, work best with necklace styles that add volume and complement the round design. For this type of garments choose a collar, bib or princess necklaces. 

The Dahlia necklace is a great example of collar necklace with volume, its adjustable length makes it versatile for both low and of-low cuts designs.


Rainforest necklace by Varily JewelryDahlia floral necklace by Varily Jewelry

2- Strapless and sweetheart neckline

Strapless tops and dresses give a lot of freedom on what necklaces to wear, given they leave your shoulders uncover making room for voluminous pieces. Depending on the style of your outfit you can choose a princess necklace, a small choker or a short beaded piece.

The Optical Geometric Beaded Necklace, with its geometric beads, looks lovely on sweetheart decollette.

3- Boat neck

Best necklace for boat neckline by Varily Jewelry
Boat neck tops and dresses are especially clever if you want to make your shoulder look wider. You can accessorise this attire with designs that add some length. Long beaded necklaces, long pendant, princess and opera neck-pieces give this type of neckline a trendy and curated look. 

We love how the Bloom necklace turns a simple boat neck shirt into a canvas for a piece of art, making you look stylish and sleek.


4- Square and geometric neckline

Best necklace for geometric neckline by Varily Jewelry

Geometric necklines look very contemporary, but are often very hard to style.A simple rule to complete this look is to accompany it with geometric necklaces.

For a minimalistic approach the Vertigo Mini Chokers are a great choice, but if you need some bold colour the Vertigo 3 Element Necklace is your go-to.

Geometric silver charms by Varily JewelryAmazonite and Silver geometric choker by Varily Jewelry

5- V-neck

Best necklace for V neckline by Varily Jewelry

Large busted girls' best friends, V-necklines are lovely if you are trying to highlight your decollete and make your upper body look longer and slimmer.Compliments this style with necklaces that resemble the triangular line of your tops, including v-shaped and princess necklaces, as well as pendant. The adjustable length of the

Rainforest Pendant will help you accessories v-necks.

Dahlia pendant blue on silver chain by Varily JewelryAmethyst, Fluorite and Vertigo mini charms on silver chain by Varily JewelryLime green and yellow Rainforest pendant by Varily Jewelry

6- Turtle neck

Best necklaces for turtle neck by Varily Jewelry

It's winter, you are cold and can't get out of your turtle necks.. but you need an accessory to make them feel more fashionable.

Go for long designs! Long chains, long pendant and long opera necklaces will help you achieve a trendy look while staying warm.

The multicoloured Optical Long Necklace, with its two colour variants is sure to brighten up even the coldest winter day.

 Aventurine Long Necklace by Varily JewelryBloom Blossom Necklace by Varily JewelryOptical Long Necklace by Varily Jewelry

7- Halter and cowl necks 

 Halter Neck Tops and NecklacesCowl Neckline

With a touch of vintage look the haltered and cowl necklines are possibly the hardest to accessorise. Most people opt for a brooch or a pair of earrings instead of a neck piece, but small slim pendants are actually a fantastic choice to embellish these attires.

The cute and tiny Amulet Charms on a fine silver chain will make this look sophisticated and chic.


Amethyst AmuletAmazonite Amulet


8- Button up shirts

Button Up Shirt and Necklaces

Last but not least are collared tops and shirt-dresses. These very structural garments are a great chance to sport a designer brooch! But this doesn't mean that you can't accessorise them with a nice necklace.

Small Chokers and Pendant are also a great choice if you are after a more modest look, and are a friendly option for your office dress code.

Pick a statement piece, such as the Rainforest necklace, for a trendy and edgy style

Rainforest Tropical Necklace by Varily JewelryCarnelian Silver Choker by Varily Jewelry Vertigo Mini Classic Pendant no reviews Style Blackened SilverPolished Silver Chain style noneSilver chain 40cm (16inch)Silver chain 45cm (18inch)Black cord €25,00 Quantity: - 1 + Subtotal:€25,00 Add To Wishlist DETAILS CUSTOMER REVIEWS MATERIAL CARE & TIPS SHIPPING & RETURNS Cute geometric mini charm on fine sterling silver chain, featuring a small pentagon. Minimal and cute, this necklace is perfect by itself for an everyday modern style, and works wonders pair with one of the Vertigo Mini choker with a crystal stone.  You can mix and match differet finishes and metals for a great layering effect!      The mini vertigo pendant is part of a series of cute simple stack-able rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. You can find them in different silver finishing and different metals. This pendants are designed with a 3D modelling software and finished by hand. There are different designs and 2 different finishes that you can mix and match and even stack together!  Length of the chain is 40cm, but can be customized.     BLACKENED SILVER: These jewels are made out of oxidized sterling silver. The black is achieved by the use of a patina.      POLISHED SILVER: These jewels are made out of a special tarnish-resistant sterling silver. This special silver will not tarnish as easily as the normal sterling silver. They are highly polished by hand.  Materials: Sterling silver  Measurements: choose the length that better works for you between 40 and 45 cm (16 and 18unch) or an adjustable black cord    Very simple minimalist design can be stack and match in different metal. Romantic and delicate.

Necklace's type and lengths

Necklaces' types and styles are often dictated by their length and volume.We created a small glossary to assist you navigate this article and help you choose the best piece for your attire.

Different Lengths of Necklaces
Choker – a short necklace usually around 40-42 cm or 16”
Princess – a more voluminous style, often with a gradual increase of size of the elements (smaller on the sides and larger at the centre). Usually around 45cm or 18” but can vary in length
Matinee – this is a mid-length style, great for layering. Usually around 50 to 65cm or 20”, 22” and 24”
Opera – Very long necklaces that can sit on or over the navel. They can be any length from 75 to 85 cm or 30” to 34”




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