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A quick and easy guide of 12 original and creative ways to wear different types of Brooches.

There isn’t an accessory more elegant and chic than a designer brooch. These original and versatile pieces are making a huge come-back in the latest fashion trends, offering a vintage and retro’ take to contemporary looks.

There are no rules on how to wear brooches, but being a timeless accessory it can sometimes be hard to style them in fresh and trendy ways. 

In this guide you’ll find 12 creative ways to wear any type of brooch (including lapel and hat pins) to enhance a cool modern attire, both for winter and summer fashion.

1- Accessorise your handbag with a brooch

An original way to wear a designer brooch is to pin it on your handbag. It will make your purse look very unique, adding a precious touch to even the dullest of bags.

Dahlia Brooch on Handbag

2- Wear a brooch on your beanie

On cold winter days it may be hard to accessorise your look, add a brooch to the side of your beanie to add a personal accent. The one in the photo has been handknitted by Natascia at Mafilogia. This trick works well also with pins.

Dahlia Brooch on Beanie

3- Style it with a denim jacket

Make your casual denim jacket look sophisticated and lush by adding a statement brooch. For a rich pop style that brings you back to the 80’s, you can add a few colourful pieces.

Dahlia Brooch on Denim Jacket

4- Combine Dresses and brooches

A refreshing way to wear a brooch is to style it with a dress. You can choose both structured or flowy designs, they will both benefit from a cute accessory.

Dahlia Brooch on a Dress

5- Use a brooch to emphasise silk tops

A fun way to use brooches in summer is to wear them on silk tops. Make sure you test the fabric on a hidden corner and choose light designs. The Vertigo pin brooch is perfect for this purpose

Optical Pin Brooch on Silk Top

6- Accessorise a scarf with a hatpin

Another simple trick to look stylish even when bundled up in warm clothes is to use a hat pin to close your scarf. The longest the pin is, the easier it will be to use it on big warm woollen scarves, but you can actually use any type of brooch or scarf for this look.

How to Wear a Brooch on a Scarf

7- Close a cardigan with a lapel pin

A less classic way to use a lapel pin is to close a buttonless cardigan. We love how this option not only looks cute and polish, but also serves a very specific purpose, especially when you get a bit chilly in the office with the aircon on, but outside is hot and sunny. This  possibility helps you make your attire more versatile. 

optical Pin Brooch on Cardigan


8- Lapel Pin on your Left Side

If you are going for a timeless and elegant look, attach your brooch on the left side on the lapel. This looks great on coats, blazers and jackets. Truly a no brainer.

 Vertigo Pin On Coat Label

9- Style a Collared Shirt with a Cool Brooch

Adding a brooch to your collared shirt can help you make it more fun and edgy. Try it on the neck, covering the first button. It will give a contemporary look and resemble the shape of a pendant.

Vertigo Pin Brooch on Collared Shirt


10- Use Brooches as Hair Accessories

A very creative and refreshing alternative to wear brooches and pins is to use them like hair pins and clips. You can add a statement brooch at the top of your braid, or stick a long hat pin across your hair bun. This will definitely add a boho accent to your look and will make you look exclusive and stylish.

Dahlia Brooch Worn As Hair AccessoryOptical Hair Pin


11- Pin a Brooch to your Headband

For a cute and retro style you can add a brooch to your headband. We love how it adds a sophisticated touch to a pin-up style. This reversible headband is handmade by Little quiet ideas. 
Dahlia Brooch on Headband


12- Beauty a summer hat with a stylish brooch

A trendy way to use a brooch is to add it to a straw summer hat. It’s a tasteful and smart way to convert a simple hat into something unique and exclusive. You can even match the brooch to your outfit for a complete look.

Vertigo Pin Brooch On Summer Hat

In conclusion, brooches are such a timeless and artful accessory that is fiercely finding its way back into the newest fashion trends. With a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, a brooch can help you make an outfit look unique and sophisticated. In summer, just as much as in winter, you can play around and make brooches your new must have. 


Remember, as per all things fashionable, there is not limit to your imagination, dare to try new things and you’ll be sure your style will always look fresh and avant-guard.


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