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Colour can affect your mood and mental state. Surround yourself with the right colour to improve your state of mind and physical response to outer stimuli.

Orange is a combination of positive yellow and energetic red.

Orange is friendly and optimistic, helps to connect with your inner child.

It is warm, energetic, cheerful and fun. This hue is the perfect mood booster!

Psychology Of Wearing The Colour Orange In Clothing, Accessories And Jewels

Orange come in a multitude of shades and tones, from peachy coral to darker rust orange and tangerine. Due to their incredible versatility, these colours are both featured in my Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections.

Tangerine, Varily's most loved point of orange, has a striking and bold effect on its own.


Analogue colours such as Plum or Citrus yellow, combined with the warmth of Tangerine, create a stunning and romantic vintage look.

Check out these pieces from our new 2020 collection:



For Buddhists orange is the colour of peace and spirituality.

Ph. Alesia Moroni Nawezi Photography

MUA: MakeupbyHaroz

Model: Romy Kosterman


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