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Part of the appeal of wearing jewelry is to show off your favourite pieces. Since most businesses are encouraging people to work from home, this means zoom calls from your “home office”. Just because you are virtually meeting with your colleagues,
does not mean that you can't rock something that will make them ask you
where you got those statement earrings or that sleek and slim amulet on a silver chain.
 Best Gifts For Fashionistas Working From Home
When working from home you also tend to wear pieces based on how they make you feel, the sensations and feelings they spark.
As long as you are wearing a pair of earrings or a necklace that you love and makes you feel beautiful, who cares if you aren’t wearing pants.
Here's a list of five pieces from Varily that are trendy and uniquely fabulous gifts for those fashionista’s working from home.


 The Vertigo Ring is a fusion between minimal geometric shapes and bold, multicolour hues.
 Vertigo Cocktail Rings by Varily Jewelry
Staring at your screen all day can be tough. Catching a glimpse of colour while your fingers tap away at the keyboard could give you that boost of energy to get through the next task at hand.
Having a blue ring might give you that reminder every so often to take a break for yourself and get a tea, as these tones are calming.
Choose a colour that lifts your mood and makes you happy.
Long days working from home can be tiring and lack of motivation and creativity can ensue. Did you know that the colour orange boosts creativity and energizes you?
The Bracelets from the Optical Series are the perfect way to bring joy and colour to your outfit.
You can choose multiple combinations of colour, and they are strung on a light-weight cord that’s claspless. Now you can wear your favourite bracelet without scratching your keyboard or hearing the constant ticking of the chain and clasp.
Not everyone wears bright colours and large pieces all the time. These minimal sterling silver rings are perfect for all of those women who love a minimalistic style. These rings come in polished silver or oxidized, and are stackable. They are cute and something that’s easy to wear every day.
The size won’t interfere if you're stuck on the computer all day, and a classic silver ring will always be on trend.
Because they have a more traditional look, they are the perfect gift (Secret Santa perhaps) for that colleague in your office who you don't know much yet.
Statement Earrings can make all the difference in your confidence.
Picture this...you're on zoom calls all day and you want to look and feel amazing. You put on makeup, your hair is done and all you need to complete the outfit is some large bold, colourful earrings. Feel beautiful for you and remember, they can’t see that you're still in your pajama bottoms (the beauty of zoom calls).
Hoops XL, Long Pentagon XL, or Leaf earrings are perfect for the office extrovert or your fashion forward friend that loves pieces that turn heads.
We are now so often working alone and sometimes keeping your focus and creativity can be a challenge.
Crystals are believed to help your mood, productivity and focus and even protect from electromagnetic stress.
At VARILY you can find several amulets, each one with different properties and colors: from purple amethyst to orange carnelian, or black obsidian.
A great crystal for those who spend a lot of time on the computer is the Fluorite amulet, which is believed to protect from electromagnetic stress (and also looks absolutely stunning)
In conclusion, as 2020 has been a crazy year and put lots of us on a challenge , there is still plenty of opportunity to tell someone we love them and help them with the struggles of working from home. A touch of colour, an item made with love, and the joy of the Holidays is back again!
Happy Gifting!


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