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In January Pantone announced the color of the year 2019, and with our tremendous excitement it is Living Coral. Not only we absolutely adore this warm and rich peachy pink, but we are astonished by the choice of the name, which now more than ever puts a highlight on how brands and design can influence and raise awerness on important topics such as global warming.

Coral Jewellery

Living coral, in fact, is the color of thriving coral, a color many generations after us shall be able to see, with the hope of reversing the horrible process of coral bleaching caused by global (and water) warming.

We love how opulent and versatile this color is! It buzzes with energetic flowery palette in Spring, and will sooth and relax with pastels and mid tones in Autumn!

Here is VARILY's unique take on Living Coral jewelry.

Photography & Make Up by Make up by Haroz, model Elizabeth

Photography & Make Up by Make up by Haroz, model Elizabeth

Living coral became strong in fashion quickly, its ability to be flattering on any skin tone won the heart of many designers.

At VARILY we created a collection of fresh and trendy jewelry inspired by the color of 2019, with a fashionable touch focusing on Spring Summer style.

This vibrant hue conquered us and made it into production line, we launched some of staple pieces in full color...

Full Colour Coral

And we paired Living coral with some aqua tones, rose and plum... the result is magical!

We absolutely love Living Coral accessories and jewelry, it is an elegant and trendy hue that can spice up any look, from modern edgy, to romantic and classy... a truly inspiring color!

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