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The color of transition, perfect mix of blue and red (or magenta). Purple is the only color that is not a cold color, neither a warm hue. Its perfect balance gives it a surreal feel, symbolizing wealth, luxury, and sophistication. Color of spirituality and creativity, it is thought to be the most favourite hue of all. Its balance between cold and warmth makes it flattering and suitable for all kind of skin tones and coloration.

So, if you are looking for a gift and are in doubt about the color, chances are Purple is your winner!

Psychology Of Wearing Purple Jewelry And Accessories

I don't think there is anything as versatile as purple! I feel all pumped up for this beautiful spring to bloom that I can't help but pair purple with some warmer hues to spice up the sunny days.

And this is how purple behaves when pair with colder hues. There are some pretty cool color combination among this trend, and here are some of my personal favorite!

So... if you feel like you have been left behind in the cold winter, not to worry!

Ph. Alesia Moroni Nawezi Photography

MUA: MakeupbyHaroz

Model: Romy Kosterman

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