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One of Varily Jewelry’s most exciting features is that every piece is uniquely coloured by hand, through a dip dye process. This hands-on step of our production ensures that every piece is a one-off. 

Dive into our technique and have a pip into our lab to find out how we achieve the vibrant colours of Varily’s pieces. In this post we will guide you through every step of the colouring stage.

How To Dip Dye 3D Printed Jewelry



After printing, the pieces come out of the laser machine rough and white. They need prepping before they are ready to absorb the colourful dyes. They are filed, smoothed and treated to maximise the colour’s radiance and refine the surface from the natural imperfections caused by the printer.


3D Printed Nylon Parts




It’s now time to mix the pigments. We follow our very own recipes, using non toxic, hypo-allergenic fabric dyes. 


Dying 3D Printed Jewelry by Varily Jewelry


The pieces are submerged in a bath of boiling solution, every colour has a different bathing time. The more colours a piece has, the more baths it has gone into.

At last, the pieces are soaked in a fixative bath, to get rid of the extra dyes and fix the colour.





 After drying, every piece is coated with a waterproof sealant that also protects the colours from UV light. This sealant is safe for the skin, and prevents the pieces from staining your fingers or clothes.


Geometric Beads By Varily Jewelry 

Colour is core at Varily. To achieve our beautiful and vibrant hues we experimented for years and mastered our very own dyeing process. The vibrant colours and gradients are achieved by hand dipping each and every piece in hypoallergenic pigments, then sealed and waterproofed, to a lovely smooth and matte finish. 
We pride ourselves in making unique one-off jewelry that combines 3D printing with traditional hand-dyeing techniques.


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