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How to understand your skin undertone and find the best colours for you.

The undertone of your skin is the most important part of your personal palette. Contrary to what you may think, it’s not the skin or the colour of your hair that best dictate the colours that are the most flattering for you, but the skin undertone.

Skin Undertone & Jewelry

Your undertone can be warm, cold or neutral. There are a variety of methods to determine your skin undertone, the easiest is to look at the colour of your veins on your wrist. (This is the easiest way, but obviously doesn’t give you the accuracy of other complex methods. If you find it hard to determine, you can consult a professional)

If they appear green, your undertone is warm, if they look blue or purple it is cold. If your veins are colourless or match your skin, then your undertone is neutral.


You have cold skin undertone if the veins at the back of your wrist look blue. When choosing jewelry, bear in mind that you look your best in silver and rose gold. Your palette is mainly made of cooler hues, the colours in your favour are blue, purple, green, grey and black.



You have warm skin undertone if the veins at the back of your wrist appear green. Your metal choice is yellow gold. Your palette is warm, so choose red, orange, brown, yellow and pink.



You are the lucky one, any colour of metal will look good on you. The rainbow is at your feet, choose any colour, from yellow to red to blue. You can have fun finding out your colour analysis season to discover the specific hues that work best for you.

Model Wearing Long Pentagon Earrings by Varily Jewelry

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